Fall into Seattle Restaurant Week!

We are very excited to be one of only three Edmonds restaurants participating in the fall version of Seattle Restaurant Week! We are one of 165+ restaurants in the greater Seattle area that will be offering special 3 course dinner menus for just $30, from Oct. 15-29 (available Sunday and Tuesday-Thursday), but remember - parking is always free and plentiful in Edmonds!

Chef de Cuisine Luis Brambila has created a flavorful, exciting menu with a wide range of flavors for this promotion, and we look forward to seeing everyone this month.


Salt Pepper Shitake Conge- rice porridge, sauteed shitake & peppers,crispy shallots, scallions

Crispy Tofu- fry soft tofu, finished with spicy miso sesame sauce & green onions

Green Papaya Salad- green papaya, shaved fresh cucumber & carrots, savory soy lime dressing, thai basil & squash chips


Red Curry Chicken Bowl- slow cooked red curry chicken over jasmine rice, fresh greens, cucumber, carrots & honey lemon sauce

Shrimp & Grits- spicy fried shrimp, parmesan cheesy grits, green & red curry sauce, crispy shallots, blistered red jalapeno pepper, curry leaf

Black Cod Ramen- slow poached black cod, dashi broth & aromatics, ramen noodles, fresh cilantro and scallions & fried sunny side egg


Coconut Gelato Afogatto

Premium Mochi Flavors- Ginger Whipped Cream & Berry Compote

Pineapple Brûlée

RESERVATIONS: http://www.bardojo.com/reservations/